5 Reasons You Could Benefit From Couples Therapy

Couples therapy gets a reputation from some mainstream media for being the last resort to saving a relationship. In some cases, that is not the fact. Often, couples could have benefited from therapy long before this point. Therapy isn’t always crisis management; there are a number of reasons that you could benefit from couples therapy.

Effective conflict management

Problems come up in relationships sometimes. The key to a successful relationship is not about eliminating conflict, rather learning healthy ways to manage conflicts that will come up. Recurring and unproductive conflict is a significant stressor for relationships. Therapy will teach couples strategies that allow both individuals to feel heard in a disagreement and proceed appropriately. Learning how to manage conflict in relationships is essential to a happy living environment at home.

Prevent crisis

Therapy offers couples a neutral space to discuss minor issues openly before they get the chance to develop into larger ones. Some couples don’t even realize they have kept in and pent up emotions that impact the relationship until they sit down and discuss how they feel about certain things. Therapy is a great way to prevent crises over money, insecurity, habits, and intimacy.

Navigate life changes better

Couples may feel a strain on their relationship during big life changes like moving or having children. Working through personal emotions about the event can, in turn, solve high tensions in the household. Each partner will learn how to validate and listen to the other while maintaining personal values and respect throughout times of change. 

Feel more connected to your partner

Are you and your partner feeling disconnected? Like you aren’t on the same page anymore? Some disconnect is normal; everyone goes through times of supreme connection and emotional drift. Therapy is a great way to open a healthy communication network during disconnected times. 

Manage infidelity

When there has been an instance of infidelity in a relationship, it can be hard to regain trust. A therapist will help you as a couple navigate through emotions and actions in a way that benefits the relationship and any children you have. 

By the end of your time in therapy, the hope is that you will be equipped with the tools to manage and strengthen your relationship from the comfort of your own home. While there may be times, a relationship cannot be “saved,” it can always be navigated amicably. Here at Somatic Psyche, therapist Daphne Georghiou, believes in teaching her clients the devices to benefit a relationship for the long term instead of interim solutions. Call Daphne Georghiou today for a consultation and see just how much difference therapy can make for you as a couple.