5 Ways to Rewire Your Anxious Brain

There are different strategies that will help a person rewire their brain and while working hard and thinking positive thoughts may help, they are not the only approaches and other pathways need to be activated to create new neural networks within the brain. The key is to repeatedly align your beliefs, feelings, vision and actions, which will allow you to experience positive changes in your brain that are lasting as opposed to temporary. If you feel it’s time to rewire your anxious brain, there are certain ways of going about it and the following five will help you on your journey:

  1. Focus on your beliefs because this will help you achieve your intention. You have to believe your goals are possible; otherwise, you will never be able to turn them into a reality. Start by taking a closer look at your current beliefs regarding a specific goal that you have and examine them to make sure they align with your intentions and support them.
  2. Feel positive emotions and embrace the feelings they create. Without emotion, you will be unable to accomplish your intention and your goals will have no real meaning to them. If you’re not feeling anything, you will not be able to move forward and simply repeating positive thoughts will not be enough. Take the time to register which emotions align with your goals and accomplishments and see why they are so meaningful to you and spend time feeling those particular emotions as you focus on your intention.
  3. Select images that align with you accomplishing your goal and visualize them. Doing this daily will help your brain see your goal as something real versus something you’re imagining, and visualizing the images that are relative to your goal will strengthen your ability to bring them to life and to actually create them.
  4. Make sure your actions support your goals because if they don’t match what you say, you will have a very hard time being successful. If you think one way but act another, you will have a harder time accomplishing your goals, which is why your feelings and actions must go hand in hand. For example, if your goal is to get more healthy, update your diet with more vegetables and improve your exercise routine.
  5. Repeat your new habits because change requires practice; otherwise, you will be unable to follow through with it. Practice every aspect including thinking, feeling, visualizing and acting because this is the only way you will accomplish your desired intention. Repeating helps break the previous anxious cycle and will allow you to rewire your brain.

A family therapist can help with an anxious brain and here at Somatic Psyche in Vancouver, we offer anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship counselling. If you’re interested in psychotherapy and want a reputable psychotherapist you can trust, contact us today for more information or schedule an appointment.