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To Get the Right Trauma Diagnosis, Context Is Key

By BreezeMaxWeb | Dec 12, 2019
trauma counselling vancouver

The effects of trauma have come to the foreground in the past few years. Psychologists and other health professionals are broadening their understanding of trauma and what it may mean and look like for survivors. Various factors, such as timing and occurrence, will result in different diagnoses and treatments for patients. As a result of…

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How Family Therapy Is Effective In Improving Family Bonding and Relationships

By BreezeMaxWeb | Nov 26, 2019
family therapist vancouver

Relationships are laborious, and take consistent efforts from each party to help the bond grow and work through difficult situations together. However, relationships may need additional, outside support to restore or rebuild a bond that has found itself off-course. Family therapy is a form of group psychotherapy that works to understand the family, its strengths,…

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How Marriage and Family Therapists Can Help You Through a Divorce

By BreezeMaxWeb | Nov 12, 2019
Family Therapy Vancouver

Marriages may be made in heaven but divorce is unfortunately human-made. Statistics say that over the last 30 years, nearly 50% of first marriages in North America have ended in divorce. There are many reasons at play here: personality differences, cultural disparity, level of education, financial strain, health disorders, differences in religious beliefs and family…

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Four Tips To Follow To Ensure You Get The Most Out Of Your Counselling Session

By BreezeMaxWeb | Oct 17, 2019
trauma counselling vancouver

Even if it doesn’t feel quite like it, booking your first counselling session is an act of courage for you to be proud of. Counselling is an excellent and practical approach to help individuals combat any issues or concerns they have in their lives with effective coping mechanisms. In work and family-filled week, a counselling…

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Identifying The Differences Between Depression and Anxiety Disorder

By BreezeMaxWeb | Oct 7, 2019
Anxiety Counselling Vancouver

Anxiety and depression are two completely different mental health conditions. Each of the two has differentiating causes, however, their symptoms seem to overlap and treatments are quite similar. It is highly common for an individual to have both anxiety and depression disorders simultaneously. However, it’s crucial to get a correct diagnosis and understand how the…

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What is Somatic Psychology (somatic psyche)?

By BreezeMaxWeb | Dec 14, 2018
Somatic Psyche Vancouver

What does Somatic Psyche mean? Somatic Psyche is the name I use for my website because it echoes how I work to guide the people I work with find relief from sadness and stress. Fundamentally, the somatic psyche means the marriage of the body and mind, the wisdom that emerges from having our psycho-emotional faculties…

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Reduce Stress and Improve Health Through Body Meditation

By BreezeMaxWeb | Apr 22, 2017
vancouver psychotherapist

Body Meditation: The Best Way to Reduce Stress and Improve Health. Doctors everywhere agree: To improve health, you must reduce stress. So today, I’ll share how Body Meditation is used in my psychology practice. And I’ll show how it can help you, too. The Body is my greatest teacher and guiding body-based meditations is a…

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Ease Depression Now With Your Body

By BreezeMaxWeb | Apr 18, 2017
depression counselling vancouver

Ease Depression Now: How to Alleviate Anxiety and Depression with Your Body. Recently, I was interviewed for the Body and Psychotherapy Summit. There, I addressed a common concern: How can I ease depression now, in my day-to-day life?  Can I learn to relax and release anxiety?   These questions are so important to our overall…

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Special Offer: Somatic Speaker Summit

By BreezeMaxWeb | Apr 6, 2017
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Welcome to my Blog (and a Special Offer) Looking for real-world tips and news on becoming stress-free and healthy? This weekend, my blog will feature notes from the Somatic Speaker Summit. Better yet, hear it live tomorrow at 10am, PDT where I’ll share insights and tips on improving your body-mind connection. Details and your special…

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