How Family Therapy Is Effective In Improving Family Bonding and Relationships

Relationships are laborious, and take consistent efforts from each party to help the bond grow and work through difficult situations together. However, relationships may need additional, outside support to restore or rebuild a bond that has found itself off-course. Family therapy is a form of group psychotherapy that works to understand the family, its strengths, struggles and help each member understand each other. 

It takes courage to seek help, and it is always worth it when you do. Your family deserves a healthy, strong connection and a better way to relate to one another, which family therapy can help you achieve. Here’s how our Somatic Psyche family therapist in Vancouver helps improve family relationships through family therapy.

How Family Therapy Operates

Family therapy provides a safe space for family members to work through difficulties and learn how to improve their communication with each other. When each member of the family feels supported, heard, respected and loved; it strengthens the entire family and can lessen any suffering of an individual member. Family therapy may:

  • Have each family member talk about their hopes and goals.
  • Encourage everyone to discuss their experiences, views and listen to each other.
  • Have each person clarify their values, requirements, assumptions, worries so that it makes it easier to understand one another.
  • Help family members stop blaming each other and instead direct attention to solutions and how to work together.
  • Help everyone understand the severity and impact of their words and actions on each other.
  • Encourage everyone to talk about their challenges.
  • Support each family member as they work towards achieving their goals.

Family therapy utilizes a variety of different methods and techniques to work towards solidarity and strengthening the relationship. It’s a family therapist’s priority to help each family member find healthy ways to communicate, reduce stress, support each there and have more empathy and understanding for each other.

When Is It Time To Seek Out Family Therapy?

Family problems can occur at any time, range in any severity, and affect various areas of each family member’s life. When family problems do arise and there is no improvement, resolution or are too severe to combat alone, it’s time to see a family therapist. Family therapy is also helpful when:

  • The conflict between all or some family members.
  • Different methods of communication that are ineffective.
  • Substance abuse, addiction or emotional/mental health issues.
  • Financial troubles or disagreements about spending.
  • School issues (based on ADHD, behavioural problems, dyslexia, etc.).
  • Arguments and tension between siblings.
  • A death in the family.
  • Infidelity.
  • Arguments or problems with extended family members.

Somatic Psyche is committed to helping family members get back on track and rebuild a strong bond with each other. Daphne Georghiou will help you work together in a safe space to achieve goals, learn how to effectively communicate and support each other to live your full potential. Call me today for a free consultation and learn how family therapy can be beneficial for you.