Four Tips To Follow To Ensure You Get The Most Out Of Your Counselling Session

Even if it doesn’t feel quite like it, booking your first counselling session is an act of courage for you to be proud of. Counselling is an excellent and practical approach to help individuals combat any issues or concerns they have in their lives with effective coping mechanisms. In work and family-filled week, a counselling session allows time for you to prioritize yourself and work on improvements.

That’s why it’s imperative to be aware of what you can do to make the most out of counselling to work towards achieving an easier, more satisfying life. Here are four tips to follow and integrate for your next appointment:

1. Give Counselling Your Full Attention

Throughout a frenetic week, knowing you have a therapy session coming up can provide a sense of calm. You can finally unveil what’s going on, what you’d like to improve on and seek the guidance of your counsellor. However, for a successful session to occur, it requires your full attention by making the appointment a priority. Making your counselling session a priority is important to your progress, which means arriving on time and prepared for a session that is often just under an hour. 

2. Go In With An Open Mind 

Prior to arriving at your appointment, have the mindset that you desire change and start thinking about the goals you would like to achieve. You do not need to set all of your goals prior to your first session, they will get more clearly defined as you progress through your therapy sessions. This allows the therapist to prepare and customize a session that caters to you and what you hope to achieve. Don’t feel as if you have to elaborate further on your goals, as this will be discussed in your session and you’re certainly not required to have all of the answers.

3. Be As Transparent As Possible

It can take some getting used to for an individual to open up to and be completely honest with what they view as a stranger. However, your therapist can be your most trusted ally, who will always provide a safe atmosphere and keep your information confidential. Try to allow yourself to relax and understand that the environment you’re in is a safe place. Once you become comfortable and accustomed to it, it can become easier to share your emotions, thoughts and actions with your therapist and listen to their advice.

4. Ensure Your Expectations Are Realistic

The results of counselling differ for each individual; some may have life-changing results immediately, only see modest outcomes or have yet to see progress. It’s important to be aware that counselling can help you be more able to cope with what life throws your way, not completely eradicate any bad occurrences. 

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